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Chief of Maternity House
The highest qualification category in the sphere of obstetrics and gynecology 
Ownership full scope assistance in the sphere of obstetrics and gynecology, including surgeries -  abdominal-wall units and vaginal hysterectomy, cesarean section, vacuum extraction of the fetus, forceps, surgery on the uterus, ligation of the internal iliac artery, using an original technique of stop bleeding - RENIS


1984 year - graduated from Poltava Medical Institute.
1984-1987 year - medical intern of the obstetrics-gynecology at the base of Kremenchytsky Maternity house.
1987-1990 year – attending physician of the Kremenchytsky Maternity house. Work experience in the delivery room, in the department of urgent gynecology, planned gynecology, conduction of specialized reception of the prenatal care on the issue of infertility and non-carrying of pregnancy.


1990-2001 year – the Chief of the obstetric-gynecology department (district obstetrician- gynecologist) Semenivskoi Central District Hospital of the Poltava Region. Guidelines of the whole obstetric and gynecological service of the region - the network of medical institutions: Central Hospital, the Central numbering hospital, 8 local hospitals, 42 medical attendant and obstetrical points. Organization of the obstetrical regional service, interaction with the higher structures: Regional Hospital, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of the Poltava Medical Institute. Organization of gynecologic care of the female population of the region, including the planned surgery in the amount of: abdominal-wall units and vaginal hysterectomy. Introduction into the practice of obstetrician - gynecologists of the region surgeries of the ligation of the internal iliac artery.


2001-2012 year – attending physician of the Kremenchugsky Maternity house.
2012-2015 year – the Chief of the obstetric department №2, attending physician of the Kyiv Maternity house №5.  Conducting organizational work as the Cief of the obstetrics department, the widespread of the use in the delivery room of the original methods of stopping uterine bleeding RENIS, training on the basis of the Kiev Medical Academy postgraduate education, work on the organization of urgent care in the hospital as a responsible doctor on duty, manufacture of urgent and planned surgery gynecology interventions including abdominal-wall units and vaginal hysterectomy.